TrailBouncer is a fast-paced VR flying racing game where breathtaking locomotion meets ultra-fast ball handling in a stunning and surreal environment.

Race at lightning speed through different zones in a mythical environment. Race and spin up and down the mountains while going over boost pads to be even faster.

Strive to unlock all levels and stay at the top of the game by using power-ups to your advantage and achieve the highest rank among your fellow players.

TrailBouncerVR pushes the boundaries and sets a new benchmark in the way gamers move and experience VR. It’s aimed at the dedicated gamers in the VR community. A steep learning curve pushes players to master the challenging environments with fast-paced interactions that constantly challenge their skills and reflexes.

Key Features

About K5 Factory:

K5 Factory was founded by award-winning film producer Oliver Simon in late 2018 as a start-up with the vision to define new ways of story-telling in the virtual world. The team of 18 is made up of professionals hailing from K5 Film and the gaming industry.